Flits customer account page app helps you to manage a variety of customer loyalty methods on your Shopify business, including referral programs, store credits, and loyalty programs.   

We integrated  Simply Shipping Protection application with Flits to provide merchants with the option of fulfilling a customer's claim using in-store credits. With the help of this, you can add credits based on the refund value to the customer's account in a few steps.

Information  required to connect the Flits to Simply Shipping Protection:

On the Simply Shipping Protection Dashboard, click on Integrations section. Then, click on Flits app.

To connect the Flits app to the Simply Shipping Protection app, you will need a User ID and an API Access token from the Flits team. 

You can contact the Flits team from the email ID mentioned below the integration credentials field.

Step-by-step instructions for integrating Flits with the Simply Shipping Protection app.


  • To begin, when a customer files a claim, it will appear on the Simply Shipping Protection dashboard in the File Claim Requests section. To proceed with the specific claim request, click the Edit button.

Kindly  change the claim status to Approve. This will send the customer an email informing them that their claim has been approved.

  • If a customer is a repeating customer and requests a credit refund for a repurchase, simply click Fulfill Claim, and then select Credit Points from the Select Claim type option.

By selecting Credit Points, you will be able to refund the credits based on the desired credit to USD amount. For example, suppose a store has one credit or refund equal to one dollar.

You can even include a credit note to keep track of the customer's information on the refund.

  • The credit will be reflected on the Simply Shipping Protection dashboard once it has been refunded to the customer.

     The fulfilled claimed credits will be displayed on the Credit Activity section in the Flits application as well.    

    What if I am unable to integrate the Flits app with Simply Shipping Protection?

    It might be a problem with incorrect credentials entered into the system. In this case, please confirm the correct details with the Flits customer support team and try again.

    Feel free to contact us in such a case and we will assist you with the same.

    For more information, please contact our support team at app_support@lucentinnovation.com or submit us a ticket.