Recharge offers you a seamless buying experience. Recharge's robust merchant portal lets you manage your subscription business while allowing your consumers to completely manage their subscriptions right from your store.

Why have we integrated Simply Shipping Protection with Recharge?

We have integrated Simply Shipping protection with Recharge as it works to provide subscription services to clients of your store. Now your customers future orders will be secure and safeguarded thanks to this fruitful collaboration.

What information is required to connect the Recharge Payments app to the Simply Shipping Protection app?

On the Simply Shipping Protection Dashboard, click on Integrations section. Then, click on Recharge app.

To connect the Recharge app to the Simply Shipping protection app, you'll need a User ID and an API Access token from the Recharge team. 

Step-by-step instructions for integrating Simply Shipping Protection with the Recharge app.

  •  To begin, Select Recharge from the integrations section of the Simply     Shipping Protection dashboard. 

Please note that the “Not Connected” indication shows that the app is not connect to the Recharge app services.

  • Click on Recharge Payments and enter the API Access Token into the highlighted field.
  • You can extract the Token by navigating to the steps highlighted in the above screenshot (In the app as well).
  • The Simply Shipping protection app is now connected with Recharge.

    Now avoid the hassle of adding shipping protection to individual orders, whereas the customers automatically receive shipping protection to their subscription-based orders.

What if I am unable to integrate the Recharge app with Simply Shipping protection Dashboard?

It might be a problem with incorrect credentials entered into the system. In this case, please confirm the correct details with the Recharge customer support team and try again.

Feel free to contact us in such a case and we will assist you with the same.

For more information, please contact our support team at or submit us a ticket.