It is a tabular format visible in the application that gives you information about the claim filed, right from its order number to order status.

Once you click on the file claim request, you come across the table with all the claim details.

You can click on the edit claim details button and you will be taken to the claim details page. You will find the following details on the page:

  • Claim Request Id:

The system will generate a unique id, whenever a new claim will be filed.

  • Customer Email Id:

The email id from which the customer has ordered as well as requested the refund.

  • Order Number:

The order number for the claim has been requested.

  • Insurance Plan: The type of insurance plan selected by the customer at the time of order.

  • Insurance Amount:

The amount of Insurance paid by the customer while ordering the product.

  • Order Amount:

The value of the order.

  • Action.

You can edit the details and status of the customer request

  • Export.

You can export the data in an excel sheet for documentation and analysis.

What is the Insurance claim status in the File claim request list?

  • Requested

Once a customer has requested a claim, the status would show requested.

  • In progress

It means the customer care team is looking into the claim.

  • Approved

Once the claim is approved, the amount will be refunded to the customer, showing the status as approved.

  • Partially Approved.

This applies to multiple orders in a shipment. It means the claim was only for a single order and it has been approved.

  • Cancel.

It is the status when the claim of the customer is rejected due to any false allegations or unfair activity on their part.